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Fokker 70/100 – Windows 7 fix available for beta testing

November 16th, 2009

Today, Florian has released a new beta version of Service Pack 2.1 for the Digital Aviation Fokker 70/100 product. This Service Pack introduces a change which became necessary due to changes of the inner workings of GDIplus in Windows 7.

Download links and a complete list of changes and fixes are available at our forums.

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Fokker Service Pack 2 released!

June 6th, 2009

It has taken time, and quite a lot of it, but now, Service Pack 2 for the Fokker 70/100 is finally complete.

You can find a detailed description of the bugfixes and new features of SP2 in our forum in English and German.

Service Pack 2 Download from Flight1 Software (~12.5 MB)

The download is an all-in-one package for all CD and download versions for FS2004 as well as FSX.  Service Pack 1 is required before install.

A new full installation including SP2 is being prepared by Flight1 and will be available at some point next week.

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Fokker Service Pack 2 ready

May 22nd, 2009

Good news! Final testing for the Fokker Service Pack  is now finished and the date was sent to Flight1 so they can create an installer. We’re looking forward to a release next week.

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Fokker Status Update 14.05.2009

May 14th, 2009

Service Pack 2 (Fokker Version 1.0.2):

SP2 took us a week longer to finish because we completely reprogrammed the MCC (Multicrew Coordination) network driver, which wasn’t planned initially. The upside is that this saves us from having to do another separate update later on. SP2 work is finished now and we start a final series of tests until Tuesday 19th and then send the update to Flight1 so they can build the setup routine.

Virtual Cockpit News:

We had some nice progress on the virtual cockpit last week and are working on the animation code right now. Glare shield, glass displays and standby instruments are already complete. Although implementation progresses quickly, we can’t give a time line yet.


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The state of the Fokker

April 30th, 2009


First, I want to apologize for the long delays of SP2 and VCP and for the reduced support activity during in the last time. A number of unplanned changes occurred in my life, which kept me really busy, but in no way this should be any apology for the problems stated before. Anyway, now my daily business has calmed down, life is more or less stable again .-). The customer support and future developments will be done again in the reliable way as it is known from Digital Aviation. Additionally, we try to increase active the number of persons in the support forum, to be more independent of individuals.

But the last half year also brought some advantages for the Fokker product; I finished a jet type rating and now try to transfer as many experiences as possible into our Fokker SP2 and future Digital Aviation products, to enhance realism.



DA Fokker Fonts:


Some of you experienced problems during the installation of Fokker fonts. The type of fonts supplied, can not be installed automatically on some windows systems. Flight1 is doing the installer software and they are really professional on that. Steve Halpern (President of Flight1 Software) told me the reason is unknown, in such a case only manual installation of the fonts helps. All fonts are available at our Download section, with manual installation description here:


DA Fokker Box:


In February, the DA Fokker Box was released. The boxed edition includes exactly the same version as is available for download. Additionally you get a printed documentation and a cockpit video DVD of real Fokker flight operation (ITVV).


DA Fokker Virtual Cockpit:


Currently, I try to define a release date for the Fokker virtual cockpit, which will be published here as soon as possible. Let me make two things clear: First, there WILL be a virtual cockpit and second, it WILL be free (I heard rumours saying that we would charge for it).


DA Fokker Multicrew:


There were sames changes in the Windows network handling, which caused problems to establish a connection on quite a few systems. This was solved by a patch that we made available in the download section of our forums a few weeks ago. Of course this patch will be included in SP2. Other problems of Mutlicrew are not addressed in SP2. In LAN connections it works flawless, internet connections may have troubles. I will stay on that of course, I think about a new concept.


DA Fokker Service Pack 2:


SP2 is finally complete and currently in testing. I hope to be able to send it to Flight1 very soon so they can create an installer for it. The release will follow a few days after the installer is done. The service pack can be used for both, the download and CD version of the DA Fokker.


SP2 contains following bugfixes and new features:


New features:

  • The Fokker is now able to support the Navigraph navigation database. Airport/Navaid/Waypoint/Airway/SID/STAR/approaches and approach transitions are available, by using the Digital Aviation Cheyenne Navdata set.
  • Copilot checks and calls out speed before selecting flaps and gear.
  • The load editor will now consider the CG movement of fuel, but the new version will be supplied separately in the Download section
  • Flight dynamics are revised
  • FMC supports now keyboard entries



  • a number of small bugs[/list]
  • mouse areas are corrected(WXR
  • errors in the speed tape corrected
  • engine high vibration in cold temperatures fixed
  • Some FMC bugs fixed
  • phantom part in the F100SD model removed
  • TCAS problems solved
  • better diagnostics (logfile)
  • flightplan import/export problems solved
  • multicrew connection problems solved, see download section, patch is already available


Some screenshots showing the new navdata support:


departure from Zurich runway 28:



departure from Palma de Mallorca runway 06L with DME ARC:



arrival Frankfurt/Main runway 07L using PSA07 transition



arrival Frankfurt/Main runway 25L using PSA transition and missed approach ending in CHA holding






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